Regents of Anuire

When sending mail pertaining to the game, it is recommended that you include [Dawn] in the subject line, to make it easier for people to sort their mail. You can also reach the GM at MSN
If sending mails to NPCs, please check if they got their own NPC mail.
If so please send the correspondence there, so that it reaches the right place (so I dont need to use time to forward them :D Thx!
(If you're unsure of the email adress for the NPC, please use NPC at . Thank you )

(updated as of 21th of February '12)

Realm Regent Player MSN
Aerenwe Liliene Swordwraith Joe B  
Alamie Onwen Alam Vicente  
Avanil Julien Avan Ian Gordon  
Baruk-Azhik Grimm Greybeard Anders Dyring adyring at
Boeruine Riegon Boeruine Martin Brown  
Brosengae & Brosen Royal Guild Elesien Mierelen Solmyr  
Cariele Entier Gladanil NPC  
Chimaeron / Iron Peaks The Chimera The Chimera  
Coeranys Anne Coeran Currently contact LPA
Dhoesone Rhuimach Taeline Benji  
Diemed Heirl Diem AX  
Elinie Assan ibn Daouta Anders andersmorl at
Five Peaks Unknown/Various NPC  
Ghoere Stiele Ghieste John -
Gorgon's Crown Raesene, the Gorgon NPC dukediem at
Ilien Moeran Aglondier Vanessa -
Imperial City of Anuire Caliedhe Dosiere The Chamberlain -
Markazor Nobody NPC -
Medoere & Ruornil's Celestial Spell Suris Enlien Jørn  
Mhoried Daeric Mhoried Sverre  
Mieres & Straits of Aerele Shipping Arron Vaumel John  
Mur-Kilad Godar Thurinson NPC -
Osoerde William Moergan Matt G  
Rhuobhe Rhuobhe Manslayer NPC -
Roesone Owain Roesone NPC (Jørn)  
Sielwode Siellae Siellae -
Spiderfell Tal-Qazar, the Spider NPC  
Taeghas Harald Khorien Helge -
Talinie & Northern Imperial Temple Thuriene Donalls Barak -
Thurazor Tie'skar Graecher Jacob -
Tuarhievel Fhileraene Jonah  
Tuornen Laela Flaertes Available -
Temple Regent Player MSN
Approved Temple of Markazor Unknown NPC -
Celestial Jewel of Seramie Temias Coumain William  
Eloéle of Mieres Sarae Somelin Patrick -
Eastern Temple of Nesire Maire Cwllmie Daniel  
Goblins' Triumph Kral Two-Toes NPC -
Haelyn's Aegis Traedric Tireseren Joseph -
Hand of Azrai Hand of Azrai NPC -
Hidden Temple of Cuiraecen Linnias Baccaere Ian S  
Imperial Church of Cuiraecen Stiele Ghieste Lee  
Impregnable Heart of Haelyn Hubaere Armiendin Gui  
Life and Protection of Avanalae Brianna Moriel Helena  
Militant Order of Cuiraécen (Now only an Order) Fhylie the Sword Jørn -
Moradin's Forge Ruarch Rockhammer Available -
Northern Reformed Church of Sarimie Larra Nielems Joe  
Oaken Grove of Aeric Günther Brandt OakenGrove  
Orthodox Imperial Temple of Haelyn Vaesil Diem Thorsen Wetling  
Peaceful Seas of Nesirie Daffyd Tamaere Gustav Nymand  
Sarimie's Temple of Fortune Hyde Termonie Available  
The Church of Storm's Height Someone Available -
The One True Church of Vosgaard Unknown Available  
Vos of Mieres Pyotr Selenie Available  
Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn Tarquin Valanar Ogre  
Guild Regent Player MSN
Andien and Sons Bannier Andien Available -
Boeruine Trading Guild Arien Borthein Available (Jørn-NPC) -
Heartlands Outfitters Rouser Jorg  
Highland/Overland Traders Ghorien Hiriele NPC -
Maesil Shippers (Black Cat Consortium) Moerelle Lannaman Available (Allied Black Cat)  
Northern Imports and Exports Adaere Doneim Available (NPC mail)  
Princes's Pride Gabriel Lanere Mark L  
Point East Trading Guild (Black Cat Consortium) Elamien Lamier NPC  
Port of Call Exchange Hassan el-Hadid Lynn  
Royal Guild of Baruk-Azhik Konrad Kurze Available -
Source of the Maesil Mheallie Bireon NPC  
Spider River Traders Siele Ghoried Tim  
Stjordvik Traders Storm Holtson Greyborea  
Taeghan Outfitters Facellies Sloere Sindre Berg -
Upper Anuire Traders Gaelin Thuried Available -
Wizard Title or Name Player MSN
Hermedhie Wizard Jørn-NPC -
Aelies High Mage NPC -
Eyeless One Wizard of Five Peaks NPC  
Regien Wizard of Mhoried Ian S -
Duriene "Duri" Peracain Second Swamp Mage Matt V  
Caine Wizard of Endier Jorg  
Sword Mage Wizard of Ghoere NPC  
Tirele Anviras Wizard of Talinie Trude  
Mhistecai Wizard of Mieres Les  
Clumine Dhoesone Wizard of Dhoesone Available  
Daeric Dhoesone Wizard of Dhoesone Vicente  
Peak Mage Who Knows NPC  
Three Brother Mages Unknown NPC  
Special and "other" Title or Name Player MSN
The White Halls/College of Bards   WhiteHall  
GameMasterQuestions   GMQ  
Blood Skull Baronies The Scarlet Baron ScarletBaron  
Rouser's Rabble Daeryn Rouser Maja  
Crispin and Company Crispin Crispin  
Stjordvik/Kiergard/Ariya/Aftane/Binsada   NPC  
Zikala/Sendoure/Giantdowns/etc etc   NPC  

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