Veteran units may have a single area of special training. Elite units may have two areas of special training. A Crack unit (extreamly rare)

All unit modifications are subject to GM approval to maintain game balance.

Advanced training (Melee+, Missile+, Def+, Mrl+): Units with advanced training gain a +2 bonus to melee, missile, defense, or morale ratings due to their special training or equipment.

Unit modifier: +2 to selected rating, +1 GB "muster cost" (simply for calculation of upkeep).

Berserk: Berserk units fight with total abandon and disregard for themselves and others. Only Rjurik, Vos, and goblinoid units regularly train Berserks.

Unit modifier: +2 melee, -2 defense, +2 morale, +1 GB "muster cost" (simply for calculation of upkeep).

Special: +2 attack bonus to melee when charging (mounted or afoot).

Marine: Marine units are seasoned in ship-to-ship and shipto-shore combat. Only unmounted human units may take marine training.

Unit modifier: +1 GB "muster cost" (simply for calculation of upkeep).

Special: +2 to melee and defense at sea, move freely through swamp terrain.

Scout: Units with scout training are trained in quickly traversing hostile territory and returning with military intelligence. Scouts are well-versed in stealth and wilderness lore, thus they are often able to move rapidly, even through difficult terrain. Scouts can identify hostile units in adjacent provinces.

Scout units are relatively small and thus have reduced melee and hits ratings. Scout unit combat training focuses on the use of missile weapons, stealth, and mobility.

Unit modifier: -2 melee, +2 missile, -1 hit, +1 move, +1 GB "muster cost" (simply for calculation of upkeep).

Special: Foot units in light or no armor may move freely through any terrain.

Shield formation: Units with shield formation training employ large shields and are trained to use overhead shield walls to blunt the impact of offensive missile.

Unit modifier: +1 GB "muster cost" (simply for calculation of upkeep).

Special: Units gain a +4 bonus to defense against missile fire. Foot units only.

Toughness: Members of the unit are trained rigorously to increase their endurance and morale.

Unit modifier: +1 hit, +2 morale, +1 GB muster cost.



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