Imagine a world in which the rulers are bound to the land by ties of blood.
Kings, prelates, wizards, and guildmasters are not elected,
but chosen by divine providence in a very real sense.
When a ruler dies, the very land suffers.
When a prince is born, the land blooms.

The thought behind this game is that it should be player-driven that does not mean that the NPCs of the world will not act or react (in fact most NPCs in this game will be run as if they'd be players), but rather that players should have a large amount of freedom in what they choose to do. The consequences, positive and negative, of what players choose to do will mold what happens in the game. This freedom means that adventuring is also a part of the game, with all of the dangers and potential benefits this can bring.

Its further our hope that we shall be able to provide interesting news, gossips and insights into what happens around in the world, making at all times a lot things for the players to get involved in, or at least some entertainment.

As of the world around Anuire, they'll be active as well (just not as much proactive), and beyond the realms closer to the Anuirean borders you'll mostly only hear sporadic news. But at least compared to some other games, they're actually there and doing stuff instead of ignoring them because they're in fact outside of Anuire :D

Also, there is no "cheating" for any NPC in this game to fasilitate any Meta Plot or anything. Everyone, NPC or PC need to work within the rules. Of course some NPCs like the Gorgon or the Manslayer perhaps might look to "cheat" simply because having access to either vast amounts of resources, or because they have access to high level magic :)

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