So you want to make Magical Items.

Well Birthright is a low-magic setting, and because of the metaphysical way the world works here, this is how things work

  1. It takes one action to make as long as the final cost do not go above 32000 gold (after all the standard rules state that you progress at a pace of 1000 gold a day). If you then go only one day over, you need to use two actions etc.
  2. Furthermore it also costs 1 RP pr 5000 gold (rounded down). After inital RP cost though, one can use 1 RP to replace 1000 gold in the creation (down to max half reduced).
  3. Lastly, compared to normal DMG prices, magical items costs twice as much. Except for wands, staffs and other items with limited charges which is x1,5. (Scrolls, Potions and other one-use items are still at standard (1x) costs). The relationship between gold and experience is still the same.
  4. Its more common then to see lesser versions of items floathing about. Like Boots of the Fox (Boots that gives +2 to reflex save, instead of finding an item that gives bonuses to all saves), or Gauntlets of Strength (That gives +1 Strength instead of +2) etc.

In addition rare and extraordinary components might reduce the cost of things. If there is there is a unique thing out there, and it's a thing that somehow can be related to the thing you are to make (feathers for Boots of Flying etc) then it might give some reduction in cost.

Following Items you will not be able to make:

Items more risky to make:

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