When creating your family, there is a few things you need to know that's different from some games you might have played.

  1. Because (or so the scholars claim) of the divine essence within the blooded, there is usually only a limited amount of children a family get. Most blooded couple only get up to two children, but the most extreame number having been six (happened twice, of which the second is the currently living Daouta family). The scholar thinks that its because there is a finate amount of divine essence within the blood, and that it can only be carried onto so many children. [Game affect being: Do not go overboard in making a humongous family in each generation].
  2. Proof to this some scholars claim, is the fact that the siblings born after the first two often do not manifest as powerful in the blood as their older siblings [Game affect being: (With some exceptions) All siblings after the first two will have a lower bloodlinescore. Each younger a bit lower]. At the times when someone have wanted a younger sibling to inherit, one has usually ensured that ones bloodline is invested/inherited into that child to ensure the strength passes on down the right line.

(Note if enough children is born, so that in the end the last child born is born without any bloodlinestrength, then this limitation seems to be lifted. Thus some lines so minor that they're considered a tainted line have gone outside of this norm. But they're so minor that polite sociaty dont really count them as blooded anyway).

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