There are three principal calendars in common use in Cerilia today: Masetian Reckoning (Ma), used by the Khinasi; Haelyn's Count (HC), favored by the astronomers and scholars of Anuire, and commonly used elsewhere in Cerilia; and Michaeline Reckoning (MR), in common use in Anuire and Rjurik. Masetian Reckoning starts its count of years from the first arrival of humans in Cerilia, at the end of the Flight from Shadow. Haelyn's Count begins with the ascension of Haelyn as a god, at the Battle of Mount Deismaar. Michaeline Reckoning is dated from the death of Michael Roele.

Except for the libraries of the Imperial City, the extensive libraries in the care of the Orthodox Imperial Temple in Aerele Diemed has almost always been the largest and most well kept ones in Anuire.

As part of that the care of recording the history of the Southern Coast is in many ways better then those of the rest of Anuire, and thus there are a lot more records of those in the more common history books.

Date Event
c. 515 BD First humans arrive in Cerilia. "Flight of the Shadow"
c. 503 BD Maltos Saria founds Masetian city of Saria.
c. 500 BD Clansmen from the Deretha, Fifth House of the Andu, first settle along the South Coast.
c. 470 BD The Deretha found a settlement near modern day Ilien.
c. 400 BD First Rjuven settlements are established.
400-200 BD Human-elf wars lead to gheallie Sidhe (hunt of the elves). Deretha battle the goblin hordes of the Spiderlord.
c. 350-250 BD Brechts explorers cross the land bridge but discover the human-elf wars. Some flee and discover the Krakennauricht.
c. 250 BD The Brechts try to sail north past Anuire; initial attempts fail.
c. 220 BD Rjuven wars with the Elves begin.
c. 200 BD First wave of Brecht settlers reaches the Great Bay of Brechtür. They settle what will become Müden, Massenmarch and Kiergard.
c. 100 BD Azrai corrupts the elves and Vos.
c. 50 BD Third wave of Brecht colonization. Some arrivals settle in the north, merging with the Rjuven. Danigau’s population swells. The expeditions of the Brechts explore Thaele and venture as far east as Svinoy Island.

0 Battle of Mount Deismaar
2 First Rjurik nations are founded.
2 Roele grants Diem, Prince of the Deretha, the lands from the Maesil to the Aerenwan plain.
8 Founding of Ariya.
c. 10-40 Priests and followers of the old gods battle priests of the new gods.
12 Anuire is founded.
14 Rjurik defeat Anuireans at the Battle of Dankmaar.
15 Roele wages war on the Rjurik but is repelled.
Baruk-Azik seal gates and retreat underground.
c. 20 Diem founds the city of Aerele, making it the capital of his realm.
22 Battle between the Anuireans and the Rjurik end in stalemate.
27 Aeren, one of Roeles battlebrothers, defeats the last of the elflords of the South Coast. He is granted the lands east of Diemed to hold as his own. Remnants of elven court either flee or retreat into the depths of the Erebannien.
28 The Wardens are founded to protect the Erebannien in the troubled years ahead.
38 Armies of Danigau turn back Anuireans in Wierech three times.
Count of Danigau announces that further attacks will force him to "cleanse Cerilia of the Anuirean pestilence."
Anuirean forces relent.
40 Grevesmühl, Müden, Massenmarch, and Duren all bend to Anuirean lords. Kiergard is in anarchy.
Southern Brecht realms are under strict Anuirean occupation.
Djapar breaks off contact with the Basarji.
Roele starts a campaign to conquer the Saere Siendere.
49-52 Roele leads a campaign to conquer Vosgaard.
It fails miserably, and Roele abandons plans to unite Cerilia.
On his way back, Roele visists Anuirean lords in Greves-mühl and Müden.
60 Roele dies.
83 The Emperor allows for the creation of Talinie.
117 Uprising in Massenmarch.
Assisted by renegade Müdenites, the remaining old families of Massen-march rise up against Anuirean overlords. Assisted by the occupying armies of Kiergard, Massenmarch’s overlord brutally puts down the rebellion. Massenmarch begins slide into anarchy.
225 Baruk-Azhik returns and reopens contact.
370 Hajlsone is conquered by the Anuireans and is renamed Dhoesone.
491 Britter Kalt slays the Sinister and becomes the Vampire.
c. 700-800 Height of the Anuirean Empire.
762 Emperor Alandalae takes Iron Throne and opens a new campaign against the Basarji.
764 El-Arrasi organizes Basarji Federation: the Basarji Revolutuin begins.
784 Alandalae dies in the Battle of Kings;
Caercuillen becomes Emperor and el-Arrasi’s ally following Battle of Kfeira; Basarji Revolutuin ends with Anuire keeping only Suiriene.
885/985 Height of Khinasi power.
920 Müden, Treucht, and Berhagen become "free states" under the Anuirean Empire.
Brecht and Anuirean leaders share rule.
922 Transformation of Garrilein Suliere into Seadrake

926 Massenmarch and Rheulgard become "free states".
Treucht is ruled by guardians from Massenmarch and Müden.
Founding of Sendoure.
938 Michael Roele is born.
950 Death of Emperor Hadrian, beginning of Boeruine's rebellion.
958 Battle of Sorrow's Field, end of Civil War.
973 Michael Roele dies at the hands of the Gorgon. Anuire’s armies are shattered. [0 MR]
975 Civil war erupts in Anuire between Houses Avan and Boer, as they both try to seize the Iron Throne.
999 Death of Aedan Dosiere, Regent of Anuire

975-1100 Civil war rack Anuire, the Brechtür regains independence, Anuireans retreat from Rjurik.
1069-1243 Wars ravage Diemed, eastern provinces (Roesone) depopulated.
1030 Stjordvik and Rjuvik declare independence from the Empire.
1031 Svinik declares independence from the Empire.
1032 Halskapa and the remaining Rjurik realms declare independence from the Empire.
1063 Avans and Boeruines conclude treaty, eding the worst of Anuire’s civil wars.
1100 Anuirean influence is completly banished from the Rjurik lands.
1136 The Brecht League is formed.
1271 Gorgon invades Tuarhievel, armies repelled.
1272 Goblin warhost from the Spiderfell pillages central Diemed (Medoere).
Endier declear itself a Free City.
1278 Lehoene Aglondier proclaims Ilien a free domain, wresting regency away from the Duke of Diemed.
The Count rightly assumes that Diemed is too weak to respond.
1292 Jarod Dannis wins Battle of Ice Haven, ending three centuries of chaos and warfare in Talinie.
1315 Facing Zikalan expansion, Ariya and Binsada ally.
1320 Gorgon's armies conquer Kiergard

1372 The Duchies Bhalaene and Ghieste forms the Barony Ghoere.

1393 Diemed’s eastern provinces have regained a semblance of civilization.
1402 Axlea assumes the throne of Ilien. The Baron of Ghoere sends a large army to lay siege to Ilien. The army newer reaches the city, for it is decimated by Axlea’s powerful realm magics.
1410 Daen Roesone is born in Caercas, on his father’s lands near modern day Proudglaive.
1417 Berric Alam inherits throne after Kaeduric Alam's death.
1420 Berric Alam attacks supporters of brother Dalton Tuor.
1420-1423 War of Brothers in Alamie.
1423 Dalton Tuor defeats Berric Alam, Tuornen wins freedom.
1427 Daen leaves Diemed to lead a life of war and adventure.
1443 Daen returns home with his company of hardened mercenaries.

Establishes control over the province of Caercas, defeating a number of minor lords in the process.
1447 Daen petitions Vandiel, Duke of Diemed, for the title of Count of Caercas. The petition is turned down, and Uchaene Diem is appointed Count instead. War erupts between Diemed and Daen Roesone.
1447-1450 Diemed’s forces are repeatedly defeated. Uchaene dies at Daen’s hands, swelling his bloodline.
1449 Aerenwe sends troops to aid Diemed, but suffer several devastating blows at the hands of Daen’s troops. The Duke of Aerenwe is forced to cede his western provinces to Daen.
1453 Brun Szarech, a priest of Ruornil, receives his Vision of the Blessed Land, while praying.
1453-1459 Brun preaches to the followers of Ruonril. Slowly at first, then in great waves, those who worship the Moon God moved east.
1461 Rhuobhe Manslayer kills Telaena Tuor.
1462 Alamie invades Tuornen, held at Haes.
Braedonnal Tuare of Tuornen kills Jerem Alam.
1464 Gilgaed Tuor rises to rule of Tuornen.
1466 Liliene Swordwraith is born in Halried.
c. 1473 The provinces that are modern day Medoere are no longer untamed, but home to a growing community based on the teachings of the Celestial Spell.

1473 Brun receives a vision from Ruornil and enters the Spiderfell. He is never seen again, but the Spiderlord ceases harassing the settlers for a while. Diemed appoints Mourten Enlien Count of Braeme and sends him to reestablish Diemen rule over Medoere.
1476 Thane Thalia of Talinie also installed as leader of Northern Imperial Temple of Haelyn, beginning theocracy.
1478 Vandiel Diem, Duke of Diemed, dies. Diemed recognizes Roesone’s independent status.
1479 Axlea proclaims Ilien a neutral domain and a free trading zone.
1480 All of southern Anuire’s rulers recognize Ilien’s neutrality – except Aerenwe – and signs the Pact of Ilien.
1484 Axlea dies, 102 summers old, leaving the regency to her son Dajel.
1486 Mourten is given the title of Baron of Medoere, and full regency over the three provinces.
1489 Ivil Roesone poisons his father, arranges the death of his older brother. Ivil assumes regency over Roesone.
1490 Ivil is removed by two of his father’s lieutenants – they assume regency over Roesone. They quickly have a falling out, and Roesone is torn apart by civil war.
1491 Dajel Aglondier dies, 62 years old. It is considered very unusual, since members of the Aglondier lineage often live well into their 90s or even 100s. Soleme is Count of Ilien, stealing the throne before his older brother Pearce.
1491-1510 The Rule of Terror in Ilien. Soleme shows himself to be a very evil man, he uses terror and magic to oppress the people of Ilien and to plunder all who would do trade with her.
1492 Morghan, sole surviving heir to Daen, kills both usurpers and seizes the throne of Roesone for himself.
1493 Mourten dies, leaving his son Dalien as Baron. A zealous follower of Haelyn, he immediately starts oppressing the followers of Ruornil; Liliene Swordwraith leads a peasant revolt in Aerenwe.
1495 Liliene is crowned queen of Aerenwe after defeating the last Aeren Duke.
1502 Thuriene Danalls becomes Thane of Talinie.
1506 Morghan’s son Teried ascends the throne after his father’s death.
1510 Moeran, the lost son of Pearce, appears in Ilien. He slays Soleme in a magic duel worthy of a bard’s tale.
1511 The persecution of Ruornils worshipers reaches monstrous levels – temples are closed to the public and clerics are imprisoned.
1513 By decree from Baron Dalien, the Worship of Ruornil outlawed in Medoere. The followers of Ruornil gather in secret and start resisting.
1514 Dalien’s daughter, the young and beautiful Suirs, converts to Ruornil at the urging of her uncle Egris. She begins training as a priestess.
1516 Dalien requests assistance from the Duke of Diemed. Dalien murders his brother Egris, but is in turn slain by his daughter Suris who claims both his bloodline and regency over Medoere. Suris declears Medoere as a Theocracy. The Duke personally leads a force of 2000 knights and armsmen to crush the Medoeran opposition at Tier Keep. The Dieman invasion force is struck down by what is said to be heavenly magic, killing the Duke and many leading nobles.
1521 Queen Ljorrah of Stjordvik dies; her son Varri succeeds her.
1524 Current year.


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