the sword and the crown


Every five years, the rulers of Anuire's baronies, duchies, and kingdoms declare a temporary end to hostilities that lasts for one month. During this time, regents from all

over Anuire converge on a chosen kingdom to negotiate, make allies and enemies, and enjoy the company of their fellow rulers. The conclave is called "Sword and Crown" after the two unique items that symbolize this event. (To differentiate the Objects from the event, the two are referred to as "the sword and  the  crown.")


The sword is a replica of the Sword of the Empire, which was worn by Michael Roele in his battle against the Gorgon. The original now hangs on the Gorgon's wall, flanked by the severed heads of the numerous thieves who thought they could retrieve it. The crown is the actual crown worn by Roele (the progenitor of the line) during his days of conquering Cerilia. Neither item has any physical, or magical power, but their symbolism carries a weight that mere than compensates.


The sword and the crown represent the power of the old Empire.

The regent of the realm in which the conclave is held is responsible for their safekeeping until the next

gathering. That regent is also responsible for arbitrating peace throughout the lands of Anuire should any kingdoms petition for the regent's judgement.

Though he has no actual power over the Anuirean lands, the regent of other realms must, by Anuirean law, abide by his decision.
In such cases, each is judged on its individual merits; no precedents exist where the sword and the
crown are concerned.

The keeper of the artifacts is expected to be fair and impartial, though he Still, the illusion persists that the sword and the crown grant the wisdom of Roele and the favor of Haelyn on those who hold them, so the regents of Anuire continue with this ritual.

The conclave of Sword and Crown is notewor­thy for several reasons.

First, inter‑regent hostilies players in the various factions (law, guilds, temples, and magic) see to that, harshly punish­ ing those who would break the peace. Wars in progress that carry into the conclave are allowed to continue, but provoking antagonism during Sword and Crown is strictly forbidden. Attacking an enemy during the conclave is a good way to ensure that the other regents of Anuire unite.

Second, the assembly is a chance for the regents of Anuire to gather and mingle, to sue for peace, and to celebrate ‑old alliances. It's a way to make new contacts and arrange marriages.

Everyone who rules a domain is invited, whether they command a merchant house, a barony, or a collection of sources. Most rulers leave their hold­ings in the hands of trusted lieutenants or capable underlings while in attendance. Scions of Anuire are also invited, including the scions of old families and those who just recently discovered their blooded potential.



The conclave is the event for anyone who is anyone in Anuire. Merchants who aren't part of the guilds, petty nobles, and the well‑to‑do across the Twelve Duchies all hope to finagle an invitation in order to be seen among the movers and the shakers. Of course, only a, tiny fraction of these are ever invited, but those who are brag about it for years.

Inviting such individuals to the Sword and Crown is a sure-fire way to guarantee their everlasting devotion.


The hosting realm decides the festivities of the Sword and Crown, but they usually include hunting, balls, banquets, and noble contests.

There is generally little in the way of competitive events, since the rulers, of the realm tend to have easily-bruised pride, taking slight at inoffensive events and actions.

Thus, some of the organisers often try to steer clear of events such as jousts, archery, and swordsmanship.

Meetings are also held to determin the course of Anuire will take in the coming years, and special assemblies discuss the ideal shape of Anuire.

Though these assemblies are rarely productive, they provide the regents with something to discuss throughout the month-long festivities.


The final activity of the conclave is to determine where the next Sword and Crown will be held.  Only rulers who command physical realms may attend this meeting, and no regent has greater say then another in this decision., though lesser regents try to appeal to Avan, Boeruine, the Mhor, and the Baron of Ghoere by voting with them. The event is hosted in a new realm each time, and it needs to have been hosted in all the (remaining) Duchies before the list is reset, and one can start over once more.


The last Sword and Crown was held summer of 550, and it was in Cariele. By that the circle was once more complete, and the next one, to be held in Tuornen in the summer of 555 MR.


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