Lesser God

The Moon God, the Silver Prince

Aliases: Ruornil (Anuire, Brechtür), Rilni (Khinasi), Lirorn (Rjurik), Lirovka (Vosgaard)

Symbol: Silver crescent moon on a deep blue field

Alignment: N

Portfolio: Night, moon, magic

Spheres Major: All, Charm, Divination, Healing, Necromantic, Plant, Sun, Time, Wards
Spheres Minor:
Combat, Protection, Travellers

Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Moon, Spell

Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Ruornil (roo-OR-nil) is the lord of the moon, of magic, and the guardian of mystical places. Before Deismaar, the young Ruornil was the Weaver, the title given to the greatest of Vorynn's magicians. Ruornil's few earthly goals revolve around magic, the shadow world, and the Vos. He is the heir of Vorynn as rightful patron of the Vos people, but they have entirely abandoned his worship to pursue the worship of Azrai's successors Belinik and Kriesha. The most important seem to be the protection of the sources of mystical power that suffuse the continent of Cerilia, and the expansion of the understanding of the fabric of magic. He also works to free the Vos from the tyranny of Azrai's successors and win back their hearts. His followers are devoted to aiding him in these goals, at least as far as they understand them.

Even to his worshippers, Ruornil seems a distant, mysterious god. He has set down no written word, does not communicate regularly with his followers, and seems aloof from the daily affairs of Cerilia. The church of Ruornil is very small. It is comprised primarily of small shrines attended by priests and mages; these shrines are rarely in public places. His temple holdings tend to be in remote areas of Cerilia, the most prominent exception being the small theocracy of Medoere in southern Anuire. Priests work tirelessly to defend the sources of mebhaighl and expand their understanding of the nature of magic. Many are hermits, preferring the solitude of the wilderness to the press of urban life. They chart ley lines, seek out caerbhaighlien, and ally with rangers and other wilderness peoples to prevent intruders from despoiling magical sources.

Monthly rituals of worship are held on the night of the fullest moon in the middle of each month. The Veneration of the Sleeping (fall equinox) is the principle annual holy day for ley members of the church. On this day, the worshippers make symbolic offerings of items of magic to their god, seeking to return to the earth the magic that they derived from it. Secret rituals are also held by the high clergy on the Eve of the Dead, for the Shadow World draws near on that day, and the rites of Ruornil help keep its influence at bay. Priests of Ruornil pray for their spells several hours after dusk, ideally when the moon is ascendant. Priests of Ruornil commonly multiclass as magicians or wizards

Dogma: Ruornil guards the natural flows of magic from that which would cause them harm. Be ever diligent in efforts to expand understanding of the fabric of magic - for only through such efforts can one earn the mastery required to act wisely. The Shadow is the greatest threat to mankind; fight its influence always. We are the light that keeps darkness at bay.

Allies: As the Sun and Moon are paired forces against darkness, so too are Avani and we. She is the guardian of magical lore, we of magic itself. Yet she seeks to bring all knowledge to the light of day, without reflecting upon its consequence - a secret, once released, cannot be easily recalled. The wise leave secrets buried, where only the worthy may uncover them when needed. Erik guards the land, the source of life and earthpower. In the protection of mebhaighl, we have no stronger ally. Nesirie can always be trusted to act for the good of all. She keeps our secrets, and can be counted on to aid us in times of need.

Foes: Belinik is tainted by the madness of Azrai the deceiver, and brings ruin to all he touches. He fears and destroys anything that he cannot control or understand. That his deception continues to lead the Vos people towards their destruction is cause for the greatest sorrow. Kriesha is deep in shadow. She takes cruel delight in the use of great and terrible lore to work her will. We fight a silent war against their darkness, for the good of all humanity.

Others: Our wife, Sera, is concerned with the physical, we the spiritual. Together we make a balanced whole, but we must work carefully to maintain that balance. Eloéle, our daughter, has learned to guard her secrets well, but misunderstands the need. We protect the mysteries from those who lack the mastery to use them wisely. She hordes secret information only for the power it gains her. We must teach her restraint and give her purpose lest she, like our people, fall to the Shadow. Cuiraécen is rash. There is great danger is unreasoned action, no matter how well meaning. Haelyn is valuable in our battle, but lacks subtlety. He seems to overcome darkness by simple mandate. The simple acceptance of a set of rigid constraints does not instill wisdom to do what is right because it is right, only obedience. The wise know when law and custom must be ignored for a greater purpose. Laerme has the best of intentions, but lacks the wisdom to be trusted with matters of consequence. True wisdom requires equal parts joy and sorrow; equal parts beauty and pain. Without bearing the scars of learning knowledge, she is incapable of truly understanding the consequences of its application.

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