Lesser Goddess

Goddess of the Night, Sister of Thieves

Aliases: Eloéle (Anuire), Éla (Brechtür), Elyal (Vosgaard)

Symbol: Black dagger

Alignment: CN

Portfolio: Night, darkness, thieves, deception, independence

Spheres Major: Animal, Chaos, Charm, Divination, Sun
Spheres Minor:
All, Healing, Necromantic

Domains: Chaos, Illusion, Night, Trickery

Favored Weapon: "Final recourse" (dagger)

Eloéle (eh-LOW-eh-lay) is the lady of the night and the mistress of thieves, spies, and others who hide their activities from view. She deceives as naturally as others breathe; those who lie by design or habit also take her as their patron. Eloéle is a subtle goddess. Although she does not avoid violence, she prefers to avoid it except as a last resort. She is more likely to favor a clever scam than a brutal mugging. She is fickle, however, and has favored assassins as well as burglars. Eloéle is not bound by rules; she ignores the unspoken rule among the gods that they not involve themselves in the affairs of the world. Yet she has her own sense of honor (or sport), and will not use her divine abilities to directly manipulate political or economic events to her own ends; instead limiting herself to means available to mortals. Apocrypha suggests that Eloéle is romantically linked with Cuiraécen. Eloéle is the daughter of Sera and Ruornil. She was born in the early centuries after the destruction of Deismaar and her following seems to have grown only slowly since then. As a religious organization, her church is almost non-existent and does not have any extensive set of rules. Followers of Eloéle are found across Cerilia, but rarely gather in large numbers for any length of time. In most of Cerilia, the church has little more than small shrines hidden from all but a few knowledgeable followers. These followers exercise virtually no control over the religious attitudes of the local population. People who make their livelihoods during the day know little of her; but some do whisper her name in supplication of her protection from outlaws. Rogues and others who hide under their activities under cover of darkness look to her as their patron.

Clerics who follow Eloéle perform a simple ceremony every day just after sunset to request the assistance of the goddess during the night to come. The only holy day celebrated by Eloéle’s faithful is the anniversary of the goddess’ birth on the 11th of Sehnir; although this date, in keeping with the goddess’ deceitful nature, has changed in several times in the past and may do again. Priests of Eloéle are so immersed in their deceptions and intrigues that it is entirely possible that they willfully misinform each other in an attempt to be among the few to perform the rituals that best gain her favor. Eloéle's clergy commonly multi-class as rogues.

Dogma: Eloéle is the dagger in the dark. Through finesse, this least of weapons can overcome the greatest of foe. Choose the subtle solution to any dilemma. The strongest of enemies can be defeated with a single word, spoken at the right time. Neither vengeance nor victory has any savor if the enemy cannot appreciate their defeat. Violence lacks subtlety and is the resort of the desperate or foolish. Deceit, blackmail, misinformation, innuendo, and silence are the tools of the clever. Wield power through others, for then theirs is the risk, but yours the mastery. Do not be bound by any rules save those of your own choosing and pleasure.

Allies: Our mother, Sera, is aware of the value of subtlety, and has taught us well. We need not oppose her, for her aims coincide with ours. Cuiraécen thinks that strength, bravery, and honor will always triumph. Little does he know that physical might is the least aspect of true power. It is only necessary to manipulate his honor and feed his rashness to feel the joy of bending such strength to our ends.

Foes: Avani is ever our foe. Be on guard against her, for she is subtle and shrewd. Deflect the light of her searching gaze from our most secret places and confound her with lies. Laerme lacks the intelligence to see the hidden currents of truth. She is simple minded and easily moved by manipulating her lusts. Yet she interferes with our work and thus must be punished. Haelyn prides himself on his rules and laws and flies into a fury when others rebel against his dominance. He has bound himself with so many rules that it is remarkable that he can breathe and unsurprising that his only solution to every problem is to reach for his sword. Bind him in his own rules and he will be powerless to act against you.

Others: Belinik is a brute and a boor. He attempts to master others, but only appreciates the crudest techniques. He scorns sophistication in mastery, mistaking subtlety for cowardice. We are easily his match, for a single whisper can easily turn fear into rebellion. Erik concerns himself with the subtleties of nature alone. He is easy to manipulate, but there is little reward for doing so. Let him have the wild places; our energies are better spent in more challenging enterprise. Nesirie nourishes the naïve hope of bringing happiness to the weak. What little strength she has, she squanders reducing the suffering of others. Let her pursue her hopeless task; it will profit her naught in the end, and it provides a useful handle for manipulation.  Our father, Ruornil, keeps his secrets close to him, and has taught us to do likewise. He is an enigma, unconcerned with our successes or failures. Watch him carefully and pry out what secrets you can. Kriesha is a shrewd manipulator, yet she acts from cold hatred rather than from the joy of mastery. It is better to ruin your opponent rather than to destroy her. Her hatred is the key to her undoing, manipulate it and her plans are easily countered.

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