Here is the information about the Domains used in this game. To make it more useful they are listed behind the God/Godess granting it.

Power Portfolio Domain
Avani (G) Sun, Magic, Reason Knowledge, Law, Magic, Reason, Sun
Belenik (I) Battle, Feud, Fear Chaos, Evil, Strength, Terror, War
Cuiraècen (L) Storms, Conflict, Battle Chaos, Good, Strength, Storm, War
Eloéle (L) Night, Darkness, Thieves, Deception Chaos, Illusion, Night, Trickery
Erik (G) Forest, Hunting, Nature Animal, Earth, Plant, Wilderness
Haelyn (G) Courage, Justice, Chivalry, Rulers, War Good, Justice, Law, Nobility, War
Kriesha (L) Winter, Hardship, Beasts of the Cold Evil, Law, Suffering, Winter
Laerme (L) Fire, Love, Art Chaos, Charm, Fire, Good
Nesirie (I) Ocean, Grief, Healing, Remembrance Good, Healing, Protection, Sea
Ruornil (L) Night, Moon, Magic Knowledge, Magic, Moon, Spell
Sera (I) Wealth, Luck Chaos, Luck, Trade, Travel

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