Lesser God

Stormlord, God of Battle, Haelyn’s Champion

Aliases: Cuiraécen (Anuire), Kirche (Brechtür), Khirdai (Khinasi), Kirken (Rjurik)

Symbol: Lightning bolt crossed by a sword

Alignment: CG

Portfolio: Storms, conflict, battle

Spheres Major: All, Combat, Elemental (Air or Water), Guardian, War, Weather
Spheres Minor:
Chaos, Healing, Protection

Domains: Chaos, Good, Strength, Storm, War

Favored Weapon: Longsword or lightning (shortspear)

Cuiraécen (koo-RAY-eh-KEN) is the son of Haelyn and Nesirie. The god of battle is the patron of young warriors, for he is the representation of reckless courage and victory through strength. His father's name is invoked for discipline, bravery, and victory through organization, duty, and proper conduct; Cuiraécen's name is invoked for strength of arms, fearlessness, and personal glory. Cuiraécen has a stormy temper and can be both vain and rash. As the Stormlord, he heralds his presence with storm clouds, lightning, and thunder.

Apocrypha suggests that Cuiraécen is romantically linked with both Laerme and Eloéle.

The church of Cuiraécen is loosely organized, each individual temple is arranged differently and no overall church hierarchy exists. Cuiraécen was born in the third century after Deismaar, and by the beginning of the fourth century, he had inspired orders of knighthood within the church of Haelyn. The first church of Cuiraécen was created in the sixth century in the hills overlooking the Spiderfell, in the Anuirean province of Rhumannen, Ghieste (now Ghoere). Since time, his shrines have spread across Cerilia. The worship of Cuiraécen is a warrior's faith. It appeals to soldiers, knights, guardsmen, militant priests, and other such professions. Farmers might invoke the name of Cuiraécen only to beg to be spared the ravages of a brewing storm, but Cuiraécen does not provide them with spiritual guidance in their daily lives. Several orders of knighthood are allied with the church of Cuiraécen.

The priests and followers of Cuiraécen spend much of their time engaged in martial pursuits, for such is considered worship to Cuiraécen. They perfect their own combat and tactical abilities and teach others such skills. Paladins of Cuiraécen are Chaotic Good and may multiclass freely as Fighters. The clergy of Cuiraécen celebrate two of the same major holidays as do the priests of Haelyn: Haelyn's Festival and Godsday (the 22nd of Deismir). In addition, followers celebrate the first day of spring (the Day of Rebirth) as the beginning of the storm season. They conduct a minor celebration six weeks later, on the 16th of Talienir, which they observe as the beginning of the campaign season. The principal ceremonies of worship are held in the early afternoon, at which time Cuiraécen's priests receive their spells. Cuiraécen's clergy commonly multiclass as fighters. His paladins must be Chaotic Good, and can multiclass as fighters without restriction to their ability to advance further as paladins.

Dogma: Cuiraécen fights without fear. Through strength of arm and unflagging courage inspire lesser men to conquer their fears and thus lead them to victory. Success is battle is the truest test of worth. Enter the fray when ere you can, but most assuredly in the defense of those who no one else can or will defend. Never refuse just battle. Act quickly and decisively; indecision is a sure path to ruin.

Allies: We serve our father, Haelyn, as champion and herald. We obey our father in most things, yet he values duty over honor. We must act, even against his wishes, when his inflexibility would deny us rightful victory. Our mother, Nesirie, requires our defense. Her compassion makes her an easy target for her enemies. We will protect her from harm – even if she does not thank us for the deed.

Foes: Belinik is a great warrior and a fine foeman, but he has lost sight of his honor. Battle and bloodshed are noble endeavors; killing without purpose is cowardly. We must be ever vigilant for opportunities to make war against his purposes. Kriesha has little honor and is as treacherous as a snake. Oppose her plots when you can.

Others: Avani and her followers should be treated with respect. Though unskilled at arms, her intelligence and knowledge makes her a worthy ally or foe. Erik is wise, but slow. He is loath to confront problems head on, preferring, instead, to mull issues interminably. He must be shown that a quick, decisive strike resolves a conflict far more surely than debate. Sera has respect only for that which she can own. The value of courage cannot be valued in coin. Ruornil is a keeper of secrets. There is little to respect in one who does not face his foes openly. We aid him if our needs coincide, but do not hesitate to overcome him should he oppose us. Eloéle is a temptress and without honor. She is often a coward, striking out from the dark. Yet also can also be brave – she strikes decisively, alone, acting against innumerable foes without support or aid. She has our respect, but we must be wary lest her cowardly ways poison our heart. Laerme is courageous as she pursues her passions no matter what the cost. Love is a fine thing, but it must not be allowed to seduce one in weakness. Love in moderation and at a distance.

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