Bloodline Strengths

Minor bloodlines are usually descended from less or nonfamous figures that were present at Deismaar. Thousands of common foot soldiers and camp followers survived the battle to perpetuate minor bloodlines. Most scions (65%) have a minor bloodline. Scions of minor bloodlines generally have low bloodline ability scores. Many minor bloodlines have become so diluted that its scions manifest no blood abilities at all. Such trace bloodlines (having bloodline ability scores of 11 or below) tend to evaporate completely after a generation or two unless they are returned to prominence through the actions of exceptional characters.

Major bloodlines represent lines descended from the most prominent heroes and leaders at Deismaar and those who survived the first decades of usurpation. Almost all of the major bloodlines are famous throughout Cerilia, and the deeds, feuds, and abilities of their heirs are the stuff of bardís tales and legends. Scions of major bloodlines have strong bloodline ability scores. Furthermore, regents with major (or great) bloodlines are sustained by their connection to their realm.

Such regents receive bonus hit points determined by the size and prosperity of their realm.

Great bloodlines are rare; less than one scion in a hundred has a great bloodline. Only the greatest heroes of Deismaar were worthy of bloodlines of such strength and, even then, only if they happened to be in close proximity to one of the gods when they perished. Scions of great bloodlines often have exceptionally powerful manifestations.

True bloodlines are unique. Only the greatest heroes of Deismaar, those who were the both physically and philosophically closest to the expiring gods, were granted True bloodlines. Only these surviving heroes or their direct heirs through bloodline investiture have True bloodlines. There are believed to be less than a dozen true bloodlines existent.

All known True bloodlines are currently possessed by powerful awnshegh or ehrshegh. Some say these individuals are near demigods. Some True scions are rumored to have abilities beyond the ken of most mortals.

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