We intend for adventuring to be an aspect in this PBeM. That means that regents can both hire adventurers to perform certain tasks for them, or go on adventures themselves. Adventuring is not supposed to replace domain-actions though, yet at times adventuring will be a viable option. Many of the random events that might crop up will be perfect to resolve by adventuring.


If regents or their lieutenants do not personally go adventuring, but send other npcs, they will be able to give instructions to the npcs, and the GMs will resolve the adventure. If a regent or lieutenant partake in an adventure, it will be solved in one of three ways. (Or a combination of these if the situation demands.) Which will be chosen will be based on practicality and player wishes. Some might want to go the detailed route, while others might feel it better to just give general instructions.


1 – The simplest method. As in sending off npcs, one simply writes up a general strategy of objectives and methods used. If any particularily important choices have to be taken, an e-mail will be sent, if not, a writeup of the adventure will be included in the turn report.


2 – The adventure will be resolved in an exchange of e-mails back and forth, akin to the playing that occurs on the boards.


3 – Playing out the adventure directly on msn. This of course requires that the adventure-GM (Jørn) and all involved players can find a suitable time.


Even by the simpler methods, adventures will be based on the character sheets and alignments of the characters sent. We will try to make good decisions for your characters based on the die-rolls, and  be fair in our assessment. Adventuring is always risky, and death could always be a consequence. This does not mean that it we wish to discourage it however, but it does put your characters in more direct risk than most other events. Still, at times it may be the best option to resolve a problem or provide an opportunity to reap benefits not available through other means. Adventure hooks might show up through the news, for particular players, areas or organizations.


The idea of regents donning their armour and riding out to personally attend to problems of the land resonates with many Anuireans. The last emperor, Michael Roele, led from the front after all. Thus, for regents to go on adventures is not unheard of (while some inhabitants in some realms excepect their liege to handle things personally, there are no tradition or expectation at all in others). In fact, it may very well have a positive propagandic effect. This can go the other way if the regent appears irresponsible however. More prudent regents tend to favour other methods of achieving their goals rather than placing themselves in personal risk – particularily those of great standing and power.


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