Warcraft (Int)
You have been educated in the military sciences of strategy, tactics and logistics. You are skilled at commanding groups of soldiers at both land and sea, whether entire armies or just a small squad of soldiers. You have studied advanced techniques for defeating military fortifications. Warcraft can be used as an untrained skill and is a class skill for Fighters and Paladins.

Check: A skilled commander can have a significant impact upon the outcome of a war, campaign, or battle. Refer to Chapter Six: Armies and warfare for details on the use of this skill in mass combat.

Strategic Movement: When at war, a successful Warcraft check allows a commander to gain a potential advantage during the strategic adjustment phase of each war move. This check is an opposed check.

Tactical Movement: On the battlefield, Warcraft checks determine unit setup, control of terrain type, tactical initiative, success in taking a castle by storm or defending against such an assault, etc.

Retry: Generally, no. Retries are allowed each tactical round or strategic war move as described in Chapter Six: Armies and warfare.

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