You are a born leader who draws great devotion from your followers.

Use can use this skill to increase morale, inspire followers, incite revolutions, and otherwise motivate people on a large scale through inspired speech and rhetoric. This skill can be used untrained, and is considered a class skill for Barbarians, Clerics, Fighters, Paladins and any class for which Perform is a class skill (Bards, Nobles, and Rogues).
Your skill allows you to sway public opinion with your inspiring rhetoric. You may attempt to perform agitate as a free action (that is, it does not take up a character, court or domain action, but is performed in conjunction with another action) by making a small number of speeches and inspiring the masses. You do not need to have a holding in the province (or provinces) in which you perform the agitate action, but you must be physically present.

On a successful check, the outcome of a resolution of a Great Captain/Heresy random event is automatically increased by one level.
Most Matters of Justice should be considered "tough" questions with a DC of 15 or more.

Lead can also be used to help train military units or to lead them into battle. Every 5 ranks of Lead provide a cumulative +1 morale bonus to any single military unit that you personally lead into combat (see Chapter Six: Armies and warfare).

Synergies: 5 or more ranks of Diplomacy grants a +2 bonus to this skill.

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