You are a capable administrator and understand the workings of the apparatus of government and the governmental hierarchy. You also have a practical, working knowledge of a government's legal system and codes. Administrate is a new class skill for aristocrats, clerics, and rogues.

Check: You can speed up (or slow down) any standard administrative or legal request through a bureaucratic system. The DC for this check is 15 unless the action is actively opposed (using an opposed check). A simple success causes the request to be processed in half (or double) the time. Extraordinary success (success by +10 or more) can further expedite (or slow) the process.

Reducing domain maintenance: You may use Administrate to cut down the maintenance costs for your domain by 25% (round down). This requires a successful check each domain turn against a DC of 10 + the base maintenance cost in GB. Larger domains are harder to administrate effectively.

Reducing domain action cost: You may use Administrate to attempt to reduce the GB cost for any standard domain action costing 2 GB or more. The DC for this check is 20 minus the planned GB cost of the domain action; the larger the budget, the easier to find places to "cut corners". If the check is successful, the cost of the action is reduced by 1 GB. If the check fails, no money is saved; furthermore, if the skill check fails by 10 or more then the domain action check receives a -2 circumstance penalty due to the mismanagement.

Resolving legal disputes: On a successful Administrate check, the outcome of a resolution of a Matter of Justice random event is automatically increased by one level. Most Matters of Justice should be considered "tough" questions with a DC of 15 or more.

Retry: In most cases, retries are not allowed.

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